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Steam Sauna Accessories

Just a couple few additions can make a home sauna experience all the better.  Tylo's extensive range of home sauna accessories give your sauna room a distinctive charm all of its own.  Here at The Sauna Shop, we provide a range of steam sauna accessories like no other in Ireland from sauna stones, fragrances, wooden interiors and many more. We promise next day delivery anywhere in Ireland for all our sauna accessories. An insignificant detail, you may say, on the other hand, attention to detail is the hallmark of Tylö thinking. 



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Sauna Stones in Box
Box of igneous dolerite sauna stones 14kg designed to withstand intense heat. Simply pour water o..
Ex Tax: €24.35
Classic Accessories Set
Classic sauna accessory set containing a wooden bucket and ladle. Bucket holds 4 litres of water,..
Ex Tax: €89.43
Steam Outlet
Steam head with integral dispenser for Tylö fragrances. Connect to the steam generator’s steam pi..
Ex Tax: €52.81
Sauna Headrest
Contoured shaped lines of wood beautifully arranged and blends with any design of home sauna. ..
Ex Tax: €48.74
Ventilation Grill A
Ventilation grill to ensure heat in the sauna room can be quickly reduced if you feel too hot. Ea..
Ex Tax: €11.71
Hatch Grill B
Sauna Ventillation unit with slide to control flow of air. Available with many other home sauna p..
Ex Tax: €24.35
Essential oils
Made from natural ingredients and specifically produced for use with a Tylö Fresh fragrance dispe..
Ex Tax: €9.75
Hydro/ Thermometer
Combination sauna thermometer / hygrometer in stainless steel, shows room temperature and the rel..
Ex Tax: €52.84
Fibre Optic
Halogen universal lighting for steam rooms lights with all sorts of settings. The source of light..
Ex Tax: €727.64
Effective spotlighting for recessed installation in, for example, a soffit outside the sauna. (No..
Ex Tax: €44.71
Sauna Lamp 40 W
Wall-mounted white lamp-holder equiped for a Home Sauna. e14   WANT TO FIND OUT MORE..
Ex Tax: €85.36
Lighting strips
May be cut to size and installed behind the backrest to cast a pleasant, subdued light in the sau..
Ex Tax: €162.59
High-quality sauna lights with a Opus style glass shade and ceramic base designed to be splashpro..
Ex Tax: €85.36
Halogen Sauna Light mountable on wall or ceiling.   WANT TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THIS..
Ex Tax: €97.55
Lampshade 40/60
Wall-mounted pine shade for use with 40 W and 60 W sauna lamps.   WANT TO FIND OUT M..
Ex Tax: €81.29

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