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Sauna Accessories

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Sauna Stones in Box
Box of igneous dolerite sauna stones 14kg designed to withstand intense heat. Simply pour water o..
Ex Tax: €24.35
Classic Accessories Set
Classic sauna accessory set containing a wooden bucket and ladle. Bucket holds 4 litres of water,..
Ex Tax: €89.43
Sauna Headrest
Contoured shaped lines of wood beautifully arranged and blends with any design of home sauna. ..
Ex Tax: €48.74
Ventilation Grill A
Ventilation grill to ensure heat in the sauna room can be quickly reduced if you feel too hot. Ea..
Ex Tax: €11.71
Hatch Grill B
Sauna Ventillation unit with slide to control flow of air. Available with many other home sauna p..
Ex Tax: €24.35
Hydro/ Thermometer
Combination sauna thermometer / hygrometer in stainless steel, shows room temperature and the rel..
Ex Tax: €52.84
Sauna Lamp 40 W
Wall-mounted white lamp-holder equiped for a Home Sauna. e14   WANT TO FIND OUT MORE..
Ex Tax: €85.36
Lighting strips
May be cut to size and installed behind the backrest to cast a pleasant, subdued light in the sau..
Ex Tax: €162.59
High-quality sauna lights with a Opus style glass shade and ceramic base designed to be splashpro..
Ex Tax: €85.36
Halogen Sauna Light mountable on wall or ceiling.   WANT TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THIS..
Ex Tax: €97.55
Lampshade 40/60
Wall-mounted pine shade for use with 40 W and 60 W sauna lamps.   WANT TO FIND OUT M..
Ex Tax: €81.29

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